What do you believe?

Society is so hot on looks at the moment that it makes it hard to believe this term. I know the media are trying to release the pressures put on us by publishing photos of models that aren’t flawless and I am happy about this.

I suppose the real reason behind me writing this post is I received a comment from a friend saying “omg you look so different without mascara?!” I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or insult but it made me think… Do I hide behind my mascara wand through society pressures or for my own pleasure. I decided to strip back the mascara for a photo and be bare to the world

Okay, so it’s quite obvious I look rougher on the right side, possibly even unwell. However is this because my natural look isn’t seen as beauty? Or am I a completely insecure and not at ease with myself? 🙂

I feel as a female the pressures of beauty are too much and society shouldn’t be allowed to make me feel this way. It is not right! It is depressing and makes me feel glum. I began to hate the mirror and photos unless I had retaken them a good few times.

Coming to grips with my fiery feelings I realised that it is not just society getting to me… it is also everyday people, who make unnecessary comments and have wide eyed reactions to me at times. Why do this? I was always taught to be polite and make others feel good about themselves, yet I face this.

This has made me analyse my ‘mascara wand’ behaviour and I guess I do wear it to avoid comments about my appearance.. wow you look so tired and pale.. blah blah blah. It gives me the extra confidence and a feel good factor, so thank you Eugene Rimmel for that invention. I suppose in a nutshell it feels like it is my protection mask. I’m hiding from the world.

Many males and females are battling depression and anxiety due to confidence issues all over the world and constant pressures from outside influences are not helping. Whether, you feel insecure as an individual or just judge others based on their looks, you need to take the time to think is this worth the pain its causes me? and others?

It alarms me that children as young as primary school age are suffering and worrying about their looks. Childhood is a time for fun and no cares in the world. I really do hope for change in this as it is going far deeper than ever before, with a rise in cyber bullying, resulting in more suicides and mental health issues.

We need to find a way to become stronger as a unit and defend the fact that everyone is different. That is what makes us all so beautiful and unique. There is no correct way of looking or being! Please remember that! Blossom and be confident in who you are and wear your own skin with pride.


– Most people who comment on other peoples appearances are insecure and will pull someone else down to make themselves feel better. Try to brush the comments off and reflect on all the positive things you have. If you are struggling affirmations are a great help.



– You are unique and beautiful in your own way!! A world full of similar people would be boring. Stand out from the crowd.

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